Impact of the Web

The web has changed a lot of things in a persons day to day activities. In itself it has changed education itself, and how some aspects are done.

The web can be used to teach many things to many people very quickly. For example Youtube can be used to learn about anything, no matter the topic. Above is an example of a channel that specifies in teaching the Public. Instagram can be used to share tiny tidbits of information like tips and other fun facts.

The problem with the effects of the web on education is that it diminishes our patience amongst other things. One site, Wikipedia, allows us to get all the information one would need. This creates impatience in those using the web since they believe that everything should be provided instantaneously. We should be using more accurate methods but since this one is faster for the information we need.

My Perspective of the Web

Everyday of my life I spend a portion of my day staring at a screen. Whether it be for my own pleasure or to educate myself I have come to be attached to the web. The thing I like about the web is that it has a lot of things to do.

At other times you can be informed of things that you are a fan of or find very important to you. An example is like today when Marvel released a trailer for their upcoming movie.

But with everything that the web provides it extracts a certain price. The lack of privacy is the one thing I don’t enjoy about the web. For example Google monitors everything you search when using their search engine and has a file on everyone who does.